Gimme some mo’!  Gimme whatcha got for a poakchop!  Gimme this!  Gimme dat!  Gimme mines (moment of silence for the ‘s’ in mines because it MUST die) and gimme yours!  Gimme ALL ya’ got!  In today’s society of sheer entitlement, most of us only care about “getting ours”…period.

Have you ever noticed even after we attain what we earnestly desire, we are still not satisfied?  Think of a toddler getting his/her favorite toy for Christmas, yet ditches it within minutes to play with his/her sibling’s gift.  Think of the techno-junkies who save their hard earnings to buy the latest gadget, yet realize the release of a newer version breaks tomorrow.  Think of enjoying your own dinner until your friend’s delectable meal hits the table directly beside you (The struggle in this case is ALWAYS real for me!).

The incapacity to satisfy ourselves consumes us.  If you’re single, you may wish you were married.  If you’re married you may wish you had a child (or to be single again! Lol!).  If you have a child, you may wish you had more knuckle heads (Yes, God made all of them)!  If you’re full-figured, you wish you were skinny (yup)!  If you’re thin, you wish you were thick (never understood that one)!   Tall to short….Dark to light…Poor to rich…Here to there!  Has your head exploded yet?

As you notice, self-absorption is an endless process, yet there’s a reason behind this phenomenon.  Simply put, we were not created to satisfy ourselves.  Since creation, God established standards by which to live.  As God’s creation, we will only find true happiness through these standards.  We fulfill God’s law if we look not at our own interests (Phil. 2:4) and if we bear one another’s burdens (Gal. 6:2).

So how do you begin?  Here’s how…

As King over Israel, Solomon made one pivotal request to God:  “an understanding heart to judge [God’s] people” (I Kings 3:9, NKJV).  He didn’t ask for the dollar dollar bill y’all or for women who would dance for bands (I wonder if they were making rounds of applause back then?).  He didn’t allow the request for stardom or for future votes to cross his lips.  His requests were not for himself.  Solomon’s heart was for serving his people for justice’s sake.  In turn, God not only granted his request, but also bestowed him with riches and honor.  So here’s the lesson:   When you seek to satisfy the needs of others, God will take care of your needs (and then some of them “wants” too).

We can also apply Solomon’s request for wisdom to our current work ethics.  Yes, money is important, but our attitudes toward our jobs reflect our sole desire for the paycheck.  Adequate customer service is a diamond in the ruff now-a-days (yup, spelled ruff like that because that’s how rough it is!).  Furthermore, we can barely complete an extra task without explaining what is or is not within our ‘job prescriptions’ (for those who still don’t know how to say it right…say it with me… ‘job  de-scrip-tion’!  Good Class!).

Unlike our actions today, Solomon saw the value of his position because he was trusted by the Israelites and by God.  How many of us ask for wisdom to carry out jobs that God gave us because we are trusted by Him and others?  No matter how great or small our positions are within organizations, we still have roles to play.  Our “part” completes the “whole” of the operation.  So when we steal company hours while vigorously surfing the net or taking long lunches, next time we should think:  Could my “part” be the weak link of the company’s chain?  Could God trust me with something greater based on how I handle my “part” today?  Notice, Solomon was elevated and his wisdom exceeded all others (I Kings 4: 20-34) because he followed God’s heart to serve people.  If we learn to value our current positions and revere the trust of others through service, we will be elevated!

As shown, satisfying our own desires alone never brings true fulfilment; that’s God’s job (Isa. 58:11).  Furthermore, our selfish actions inevitably have detrimental effects on others.  So let’s tell “Gimme” to get!  We’ll no longer be needing his services!

CHALLENGE:  Today, I challenge you to help someone whom you don’t usually assist.  You can help someone you know or a complete stranger.  The goal here is to give something of yourself and NOT expect anything in return.  If you work, I challenge you to take on a task that’s outside of your job prescription.  If you can’t do that, ask your supervisor to give you an extra task (once you’ve completed your usual tasks, of course).  If you’re really “bad” (as bad as MJ), I challenge you to do this regularly!  Let’s stretch ourselves beyond ourselves so we can grow (Colossians 1:10-12).

Be HAPPY about your life…

…because change always comes eventually.

Sometimes we have to say goodbye to our old selves…

…so that we can be the light of the world!

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One thought on “GIMME

  1. So proud of your new website The Whyll! You shine brightly for Jesus and inspire us all to do the same, Ms. Sheronda Whylliams! Love you to life, sis, and am so excited to see the wonder that is you unfold through your writings:).

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